Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Decline of


This once-wonderful site, chock full of information on (and images of) 45 RPM vinyl discs, has entered a period of decline, as eventually everything on the internet does.  The catalogue has signed on to Google’s World Domination Scheme, and it is now impossible to view the site without endless connection requests from every imaginable Google IP address, from YouTube to Maps.  Quite apart from this, this delightful coterie of vinyl collectors has fallen victim to two well-known (and universally despised) online pests.
The first (and most tiresome) is the moderator who is not content to moderate, but finds it necessary to scold, and to exercise their moderating according to thinly-disguised personal predilections.  These ghastly persons always demand unfailing respect and scrupulous adherence to polite usage, or rather, to what they consider polite usage, which is invariably such as does not displease them personally.
The second is the self-appointed expert who lies in wait, watching for new posts, and closely scanning them in order to question and criticize.  A handful of these have contributed a great deal of material to the catalogue, and unquestionably know their subject well, but their peevish, self-righteous behaviour tends to over-shadow their qualities.  Others have contributed absolutely nothing, neither images nor information, but have posted thousands of comments, mostly critical or suggestive of criticism, about other member’s contributions.
What a pity this useful tool has deteriorated.  Sic transit gloria index.